Fire Vic Gundotra

Google+ is slowly and painfully destroying Google and why we have loved them. Google, get your shit together and fire the one in charge: Vic Gundotra.

Google+ is fucked up by itself. No ones apart PR and lost souls are using it. The interface is freaking slow, I’ve never experienced something that JS hungry. All of this for some responsive effect that makes even my cat sicks. Basic stuff, like editing your profile is a pain in the ass and if you finally manage to edit what you have to edit, that’s literally an event for celebration. Circles are confusing are their best and using them is one of the painful experience ever, they should definitively use that at Guantanamo. Other fun fact: Nobody even really knows how to spell correctly Google+. Breaking news, nobody gives a shit about being on Google+.

Google+ has fucked up Gmail. I don’t like the idea that everybody I am mailing too is gonna to see my Google+ profile. I don’t like the fact that Google+ is sending automatic emails to people I am just interacting with by emails. I don’t like that they advertise them to join Google+. I don’t like the weird integration of Google+ circles in the sidebar. (Who ask for that?) I don’t like that my non-Google+ friends are considered as a second-class citizens. Gmail used to be clean and fast. Now it’s becoming another social aberration.

Google+ has fucked up GTalk. GTalk was simple and effective. You could do text and it was working smoothly. You could do audio and it was working smoothy. You could do video and it was working smoothy. Now, everything is a social BS (Hangout) event. Video call your friend and you got a hangout weirdo thing that post on Google+ (Who can actually see that post? Never even really bother to know.), the UI is the worst possible ever with no consistent colors and placements. (Just look at the top bar and the side bar.) The last but definitely the worst, Google Hangouts chats are not even searchable! GTalk was! Come on Google, come on.

Google+ has fucked up YouTube. YouTube was one of the Google best acquisition. Why not fucking it up with Google+? Now each time, you go to YouTube, you are being asked what account to use. Every freaking time. Do you want people to see your pseudo (What Internet is all about.) or your social BS account? Want to post anonymously your crazy trolling stuff or you want to assume your weird troll behavior in front of your family, friends and co-workers? What about places where freedom of expression is as real as Santa? What about YouTube being simply a vector of freedom? Thanks for messing that up.

Google+ has even fucked up the search. This is the worst part. From what I’ve experienced, Google Search has given an extreme importance to Google+ social factors and particularly to the G+ button. Let me rephrase that. Now, if you want to rank well on Google, you have no other choices than to be Google+ bitch: Add the G+ button, Google+ share button, the follow button and even the Hangout button. (Guh!) Get people to “+” your page. Get them to comment using their Google+ profile. (Even if your websites isn’t that kind of website that requires social interactions.) The new Google algorithm is no longer an algorithm. It’s just another popularity contest.

Conclusion. I don’t believe Google+ is a product of minds. I don’t even believe Google+ is a product of money. (The only argument in favor of Google+ is that it hasn’t hurt Google company valuation.. big deal..) Google+ is a product of politics. Internal company politics where they have lost sights of what matters. They have hurt their community and our unconditional love for Google is getting thinner and thinner if it’s still even love. Vic Gundotra has imposed Google+ to the Google organisation and eventually to its users. He was the “leader” of the Google+ revolution. Everything has been a miserable failure for both Google and for the web. He needs to take responsibility for his actions and quit or be fired. And us, as web power users and developers, we have the duty to speak up and call for his departure.


4 thoughts on “Fire Vic Gundotra

  1. I don’t know who’s responsible for this piece of crap that is Google+, but I noticed he has failed at everything he has ever done.

  2. Gtalk always just worked. My only complaint was reading logs was really annoying. Combined messages is ok in real time but as a log I found really hard to read. Hangouts? I’ve never seen Google make something so buggy and unreliable (not to mention the retarded UI). And it is appalling because they made gmail and gtalk so reliable and good. Gmail and gtalk – building a service for the user. Hangouts and Google+ .. “defining” a “social” experience (as if they’re gods) and forcing it down users throats. Forced read receipts and anytime you are looking at a Hangouts convo, hangouts lets the other user now. Every contact, no option to disable. It is a forced “social” experience. Total fucking failure design. Google basically got sold by a used car salesman. Good riddance Vic I hope you get hit by a bus.

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