Car2Go EcoScore Sucks.

So, yeah. I’ve tried and I am using Car2Go. I’ve tried to resist the tentation of dropping my expensive month-to-month car rental at entreprise but I’ve failed. I got approved by Car2Go with some extra steps as I am a foreigner and I’ve got started. The first thing I’ve done is send a text to my strong eco-activist friend to piss him off. Disclaimer: I am strongly for the destruction of the environment, so it’s kind of ironical, that I am the one who get a Car2Go.

Obviously, a service like Car2Go which is really green oriented cannot come without some green bullshit nonsense. This time, the bullshit nonsense has a name, EcoScore. Basically, EcoScore monitor you driving style to give you an environment rating. You loose points when you are accelerating or breaking too strongly. You gain points when you do this softly. You have 3 beautiful trees (accelerating, cruising and braking) who get sad when you are driving normally (unless you are shadowing a snail). You are noting the eco-mentality non-sense, a tree should be happier when you are producing more CO2. But, Okay, that’s allright, we don’t ask them for any scientific accuracy.

I first encounter Car2Go EcoScore when I was driving very poorly. Yeah, I confess, I wasn’t really considering neither the environment nor the Car2Go golf carts. And I got this:

2013-03-04 15.53.43

I was scared. Shit, I screw up so much that the aliens spot me? I documented myself online and learn about the EcoScore system.  No one (Yeah…!) has ever posted this red warning stating that their Car2Go membership may be cancelled because of the Car2Go EcoScore. The more close warning I’ve found is a yellow vegan pussy one:

2013-03-04 15.52.04

So I’ve learned what’s the EcoScore is and what are the 3 tree real-time scores. After this event, I was caught into the game. Trying to reach the best score possible ever. I am a game addict and trying to score 100 for cruise, break and accelerating was kind of fun. Since then, each time I take a Car2Go, I display it in full screen the score board and watch the changes while I was driving.

Here what I found out. This system is bullshit. I’ve made an almost perfect score and to archive this, I had to drive really, but really poorly. Burning lights to not have to break. Accelerate very slowly. I think several people on their bikes were able to pass me, they seem not to care about their own EcoScore. It was not perfect drive because I slow down to fast when I’ve spotted a child walking on the side walk. Damn me, I should have know better that the environment cause is far more important than a life of child. With the butterfly effect maybe this single brake will trigger the new ice age. I am deeply sorry if this is the case.

Technically, the system is more than inaccurate  Braking when you go up a hill will gave you a perfect score in only one single break. But breaking while you are going down a hill will destroy your score. Basically, saving the whales consist on accelerating when you are going down an hill and breaking when you are going up. Progress. Moreover, and I think it’s the biggest flaw, it doesn’t take account of the importance of the trip. I think we need another parameter with this, maybe by prompting the user for the reason of the trip. We can rank then with something like: Going to the Hospital > Going to see your Mum > Going for Groceries > Going to Work > Going to Party > Driving around purposeless… A perfect trip will be then to go the hospital while driving very slowly, avoiding lights and with a hill built near the arrival to slow down.  I guess I will submit this idea to Car2Go. Seriously (They might be serious with this idea though!) and eventually, whereas spending money, engineering and marketing tricks to find better ways to spy on their customers, they should spend a little of this money to improve their mobile app. Seriously, it’s shitty.

Here a trip where I’ve saved 3 trees, 5 birds and 2 squirrels. I am good person.

2013-02-18 16.20.33

Ironically, I am okay with a private company spying my driving and making business decisions based on that. Ie. if they decide to cancel my membership because they think I am driving poorly whatever metrics they want to use, it’s their call. What piss me off is that they try to make you believe that this system is for saving the environment or something, They are not saying we are spying on your driving style but they are saying “We try to give you advices to adjust your eco-driving style.” Thanks mama. It will be also okay if it was a real private company, but it’s not. In Austin, Car2Go has private parking spots, free street parking and subsidiaries from the city. They got all of that because of the hypocrite eco-friendly attitude they display.

Now, like Cartman would sang: “I don’t give a crap ‘about ****** Whales, So Go and Hug a Tree.”


2 thoughts on “Car2Go EcoScore Sucks.

  1. YEAH! well said! on rush hour i ALWAYS get the yellow sign. at night ( > 11pm) i never go under 73 points.

    greets from berlin/germany

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